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Review Management: We Help You Concur The Review Game In The Bar Industry

Like It Or Not Reviews Can Make OR Break Your Business

We Focus On How To Obtain And Keep 5 Star Reviews


We Will Help Your Team Streamline The Review Process Leading To Many Awesome Reviews

Like we said...  Like it or not you have to deal with the way of the world which includes online reviews.  You can say "forget that" and "screw all that online stuff" and you might survive but you will never flourish unless you are just the best bar ever and have the most amazing products or services.  In most cases, this will not work for many.  In today's society, you have to follow suit and give in.  You need to provide a quality service, every time and expect every patron to leave a review, even if it's under a fake name because they don't want you to know it was them.  Yes, this is the world that we live in.   On most review sites you can leave a fake review and never even visit the establishment.  The only way to truly win in the review game is to get a lot of awesome real reviews which will counteract the fake ones which will come.   We help you do this by streamlining this and creating incentive programs that motivate your team.