Bar Social Media Management | We Need To Be Fresh, Lively and VERY Interactive

Bar Social Media Management: We literally live on Social Media for our clients. A large following is a must for success.

Social Media Is The Must Of 2022

While You Might Not Be A Social Person Your Bar Has To Be


Social Media Allows Your Patrons & Followers Access Which They Cannot Find Anywhere Else

Bar owners need to forget about their personal preferences when their preference isn't the popular decision.  Sorry, these are the facts. Many bar owners tell us "I don't even have a Facebook page" and we smirk but then rely on "Patrons aren't coming to see you, it's your bar that they like" so we need to give them an inside eye on what you are doing so that they talk about it and share it with their friends and family.  While Facebook is popular, depending on your average patron range Instagram and Tiktok are just killing it right now.  We have many ways to get all social media outlets ramped up without even posting at times even though we strongly encourage and train all on how and when to post daily.