Bar Specials | Bar Specials Are What Keep A Bar Fresh & Filled!

Bar Specials: We create weekly and monthly bar specials which are fun and outside the box.

Specials Should Be FUN and Fresh and NOT Boring

Studies Prove That If You Add Humor To All Promotions Your Sales Will Grow 25%


"EVERY BAR Has The Same Old Boring Specials" - Patrons Biggest Complaints

We do our best to help bars become unique and different whenever possible!  Yes, you can be like every other bar and offer the same old beers and bar food and survive but we focus on what we are told by patrons which are that they don't want to same old thing over and over again.  This is the reason that within the bar industry there are the same old lulls and peaks as opposed to staying busy steadily! Bars are not giving the patrons what they want... so they settle. We promote humor and change which leads to awesome environments and big sales totals weekly.  Let's forget the same old burgers, wings, and beers.  Let's add to them to show your patrons that you are willing to have fun which will warrant a share and a tag and a check-in on social media.