Our Bar Consulting Process

Process, Process, PROCESS.

We truly do understand how important process is and we have built our business model based on a proven process that has been implemented on businesses that have seen revenue over 1M within it's first fiscal year.  We built this business from scratch including an 18-month rehab/buildout which we did in-house.  Overall we know what we are offering works an while we strive to improve it s we get better every day, it will help your business be better and it will grow. 

1. You Talk, We Listen.

We want to listen and understand what you are currently doing and see if we are a fit and how we can possibly help. This conversation is usually with the owner only.

2. Your Manager Talks, We Keep Listening.

We heard the owner's version and now we want yours and with no disrespect, the manager's version In most cases is what we find most fruitful excluding those true hands on owners. You are the rockstars. 

3. Group Meeting Time, We Are Still Listening.

While we are here for marketing we are here to help you make your business better and we cant market blindly.  We need to understand what we are going to be facing before we implement our plan.  While our goals for each bar business that we partner with we never expect each bar to be the same. Your team has fruitful knowledge and gossip which we need. 

4. Now We Want To Feel Out Your Social Media Followers

This is a favorite for us, we want to put up a few simple posts to see what your followers & patrons have to say...  Yes, there is a difference between followers and actual patrons. 

5. Now We Think & Process

We have gained all of the phase 1 info that we need and we will truly think about your business and will create a plan of attack which we will present you with. Stay tuned! 

6. Now We Talk, We Present Feedback & A Plan

It's time for us to present you with a plan and feedback which we believe will help make your bar better.   We will present a timeline and plan of attack and then we listen again to your feedback.  Owners & Managers arent always willing to accept change so we take our time here because you know your patrons and business better than anyone else can. 

7. We Finalize The Plan & Begin Implementing

You have approved the plan which we presented and possibly made changes depending on how much faith or trust you have in our team.  We will not start working together to implement.  This phase usually includes more activity on social media, new specials, maybe a few new drinks and some more fun stuff that we cant share because then you won't need us.  LOL

8. We Start To See Progress & Change/Improvement

It's been between 30 & 90 days and we are seeing changes taking place, patrons gossiping about what's going on in the bar and some newly found excitement is swirling around the business.  New people are coming in and we are seeing some new followers interacting on social media.  We might even see some new professional relationships with fellow local businesses growing. 

9. You Are Starting To See The Benefits Of A Bar Consultant Who Was An Actual Bar Owner

While we are smirking while typing this we truly do mean it.  There is a distinct difference between hiring a drink creator vs a bar consultant that is truly bringing all together and not just making some yummy drinks but overall improving your business for the long-term.  There are many more steps in our process but we feel that at this point it's time we talk and actually get started.  Hope you agree.