Knowing & Interacting With Your Patrons Lead To Success

We Create Avenues To Better Interact With Your Patrons


The More Your Patrons Feel Comfortable The Better Your Business Will Succeed

Patron Engagement is truly a forgotten art within our industry, in bars and pubs across the country.  When patrons decide to come to your establishment over the average of 15 establishments within a 5-mile radius they are coming to you for a reason.  They like your establishment, it's most likely clean, affordable, has good drinks, and good food and you probably have a good staff.  You have earned their business which is amazing, great job!  You are one of the good establishments!  Many other bars will let the patron sit there alone (like in the photo) with no interaction at all.  This is the type of bar that needs our help!  They are there to be talked too in most cases, they need someone to talk to and need to be engaged. Now, what about growth and expansion?  Are your patrons helping you grow your business to create more sales which is why every business is operating?  Our point is that we want to Thank, Engage and get to know our patrons while showing them gratitude for supporting your local establishment.  We want to better each bar business by focusing on patron retention which is a term that nobody ever talks about.  We have programs that we have created that focus on keeping our valued patrons while adding new patrons to the business which eliminates the dollar coaster effect of good and bad times within your business and overall sales.